We Support Our Nation's Heroes!!

We Support Our Nation's Heroes!!

20% off shipments* to any APO/FPO!

We also offer discounts to military and first responders**

Thank you for serving our country!!

*excludes first class mail
**see store for details

Mail n' Ship is a drop off location for Packages From Home!

Support our wonderful men and women overseas by bringing in items from the list below.

Food Hygiene Recreation
Drink mix singles Foot powder Paperback books
Coffee Eye drops Music CDs
Beef Jerky Lip balm DVDs
Canned Chili, Ravioli, Spaghetti-O's Sunscreen Board games
Top Ramen soup/noodle mix Men's deodorant (not anti perspirant) Puzzles
Canned fruit Lotion, cleanser Models
Canned tuna, chicken, turkey Shampoo &conditioner Dominoes
Granola bars, Power bars, Energy Bars African-American hair products Hand held games
Rice Krispie Treats Hand sanitizer Puzzle books
Snack Crackers Wet wipes Ping pong equipment
Hot Chocolate Mix Tampons Sports equipment
Jelly Disposable razors Video game systems
Peanut butter Shaving cream Video games
Nuts, sunflower seeds, trail mix Socks  
Fruit snacks T-shirts  
Condiment packets Boxer Shorts  
Tabasco sauce Toothbrushes &Toothpaste  
Saltine crackers Band aids  
Cookies Unscented dryer sheets  
Pop tarts Toilet Paper  
Microwave pop corn Tissue Packs  
Soup & Stew Bug repellent  
  Cool ties  

Items are sent together in small boxes, please donate "travel size" type items which allows for a larger variety of items in each box as well as being easier for the recipiant to carry.

You can find suggested sizes for items here!

Edwards Logistics - 379 S. SWING ROAD, GREENSBORO, NC 27409 - (704) 746-9949